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A Breakthrough In Makeup Application Technology.

Invented by Celebrity Makeup Artist Beau Nelson, the LEIA Ultraflesh® Blender is engineered to mimic skin-on-skin contact, applying makeup flawlessly – using up to 60% less makeup than a sponge. LEIA’s Ultraflesh® closed-cell technology is non-absorbent, hypo-allergenic, easily cleanable and sustainable.

A Revolution in Design.

Twice patented, LEIA’s sleek design is ergonomic and versatile. Its dual textures allow maximum versatility, from the sheerest to the fullest of coverage. Designed in tandem with a leading animatronics designer, the sensory feel of the LEIA Ultraflesh® Blender is like nothing else in beauty. LEIA’s magnetic ventilated carrying pod is both beautifully designed and incredibly functional. LEIA is not a sponge.

A Hygienic and Sustainable Solution.

The LEIA Ultraflesh® Blender is not a sponge! It is the first truly re-usable and therefore sustainable makeup applicator. Its closed-cell technology prevents absorption of makeup, oils and dead skin and can be fully cleaned to achieve a genuinely hygienic makeup tool that can replace multiple disposable sponges. Each LEIA applicator replaces dozens of sponges to save you money and reduce landfill waste.

How To Use.

LEIA’s innovative skin-on-skin design makes it so easy to apply makeup flawlessly with minimal product waste. Ergonomic and versatile the LEIA UltraFlesh® Blender is made specifically to evenly distribute foundation, concealers or other facial applications for the fullest of coverage. Beating out your average sponge 12-to-1.

Such a brilliant tool for a flawless, no waste of product, finish. Texture unlike any beauty tool, talent loves the feel.

Chris MiloneNY-based Make-up Artist, personal on-set makeup artist to Hailee Steinfeld.

The LEIA blender is now an essential and a favourite tool in my makeup kit. I have replaced all of my sponges with it, it’s so much more hygienic than my sponges, better for the skin an absolute dream to clean. Everyone in the makeup chair loves the feel on the skin. A new, genius , must have tool for makeup artist and make up lovers.

Liz PughLondon Based Fashion Makeup Artist

Cruelty-Free, Gluten-Free and Fragrance-Free

Free of parabens, phthalates, latex, PVC and silicones.

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